alpengold //

alpengold is a multidisciplinary think tank focusing on the development of strategies in
metropolitan areas in the context of contemporary urbanism. Through this field of interest
alpengold combines a range of scales from urban master planning to the perception of
the human individual we are designing for. alpengold is interested in generating new
methodologies for analysis, documentation and development of long term strategies
in the metropolitan and megalopolitan context.

research //
The analysis of environmental and socio-cultural developments and changes within
its local and global framework as well as the potential consequences of such changes.

The examination of urban design and its generated urban phenomena with a focus
on conflicts generated by the tension between the local and global scale.

design //
Design as a research-driven tool for developing new scenarios carefully responding
to cultural and historical characteristics. - Design strategies that propose visions of
how our future societies could live in a beneficial, stimulating urban environment.

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