Studio - Design of specialised topics
Institute of Architectural Theory, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Summer Term 2011/ 2012
TU Graz, Austria

Dissatisfied in the world we live in, we have been longing since time immemorial for two opposing topoi:
the peaceful garden - a carefree paradise, and the new city - a harmonious community.

Utopias are often nothing but premature truths.

Utopias are places.
Utopias are realities.

Project Presentations of Students:
13.06.2012 | 16:30 - 21:00 | seminar room
Jury: Eilfried Huth, Joost Meuwissen and Martin Zettel

Concept / Teaching:
Martin Zettel

Guest lecturer / Critics / Jury:
Daniel Gethmann, Eilfried Huth, Joost Meuwissen, Martin Zettel

Participants / Students:
Thomas Biela, Philipp Dachs, Jörg Dittus, Alexia Petra Eberl, Lisa Marie Hafner,
Daniel Huber, Isabel Janka, Markus Klotzner, Florian Radner, Johannes Moritz Ruderer,
Lisa Steiner, Philipp Vossen, Lisa-Sophie Winklhofer, Barbara Zemljic

Philipp Markus Schörkhuber

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