'Studio 1' and 'Studio 2' of the Master Programme 2011/12, Institute of Urbanism (TU Graz)
In cooperation with the University of Lagos and issue related experts from Nigeria

// Studio 1 - Lekki Peninsula
Exhibition and Presentations at Forum Stadtpark // Graz, Austria
01.03. - 02.03.2012

„Any assignment should come from an idea, and my idea in this case would be that we need something in-between map
and vista, or between plan and section. My first guess was, staring at the Lekki Peninsula map, what we really need is something
developing in some sort of diagonal sense. This sounds silly. It is silly – but anyhow. In Lagos, there seems to be a certain lack of
verticality – I do not mean towers such as in the business districts but a feeling, an awe of height. Of heaven.
My assignment would be to lay Patrick Geddes´s Valley Section horizontally on the map of the Lekki peninsula – or horizontally
over Lagos as whole, but more important, put it over the Peninsula, of course in the transversal direction – in the peninsula´s
cross-section direction and look what happens. Let happen what then happens.“ Joost Meuwissen, Graz 2011

01.03. - 02.03.2012 | daily from 10:00 till 18:00
Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, A-8010 Graz

Project Presentations of Students:
01.03.2012 | 11:00 - 16:00
Jury: Hannes Mayer (Bartlett School of Architecture / archithese), Joost Meuwissen and Martin Zettel (Institute of Urbanism)

Concept / Teaching Team:
David Aradeon, Joost Meuwissen, Martin Zettel

Guest critics / Jury:
Susan Kraupp, Judith Laister, Hannes Mayer, Joost Meuwissen, Stephan Schwarz, Martin Zettel

Participants / Students:
Michael Gattol, Stephan Grabmaier, Christoph Haidacher, Markus Hasenbichler,
Stefan Kral, Peter Mayrhofer, Maximilian Nagl, Miriam Nascimento Duarte, Cornelia Pirker,
Michael Sieminski, Jens Vogelsang, Stefan Wabnigg, Jakob Wogrolly

Martin Weinhandl

// Studio 2 - Badagry Corridor
Exhibition, Presentations and Panel Discussion at Papierfabrik // Graz, Austria
03.07. - 06.07.2012

„In Lagos, storm water drainage drain into streams and rivers into the Lagos Lagoon and onto the sea. With the exception of
Agbara estate (Badagry corridor) where a bio/central sewage system is in use, each housing unit has the septic tank for sewage.
Lagos sits on its sewage. And the water table is virtually under your feet. During the rains, the soil (sandy in Lagos) is slow to absorb
because of the ground water. In the last two years, the government of the state has been busy raising the level of the streets and
the concrete drains to facilitate storm water drainage. - Actually, Lagos is below the sea level.“ David Aradeon, Lagos 2012

03.07. - 06.07.2012 | daily from 10:00 till 18:00
Venue: Papierfabrik, Ungergasse 24a, A-8020 Graz

Project Presentations of Students: 03.07.2012 | 11:00 - 16:00
Jury: Tom Avermaete (TU Delft), Susan Kraupp, Joost Meuwissen and Martin Zettel (Institute of Urbanism, TU Graz)

Panel Discussion: 03.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:00
Participants: Susan Kraupp, Tom Avermaete, Joost Meuwissen, Martin Zettel

Concept / Teaching Team:
David Aradeon, Joost Meuwissen, Martin Zettel

Research in Urban Development
(compulsory optional subject)
Concept / Teaching Team:
Susan Kraupp, Tom Avermaete

Guest critics / Jury:
Susan Kraupp, Tom Avermaete, Joost Meuwissen and Martin Zettel

Participants / Students:
Petra Bachner, Dzenana Beslagic, Amila Bojic, Edvin Bufi, Robert Damm, Andrea Korber, Philipp Loibl,
Teresa Lucena, Regina Monetti, M. Leonor Montenegro, Elena Moya, Gemma Parera, Bernadette Prinz,
Kornelia Rath, Hermina Rebernik, Sergey Shalfeev, Tanja Wankmüller, Sandra Weinrauch

Nadin Schaupp, Martin Weinhandl

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