Studio of the Master Programme 2010/11
Institute of Urbanism, TU Graz

Teaching Team: Joost Meuwissen, Martin Zettel

Coastal metropolitan regions are in the focal point of large scale urbanization. Nearly 60 per cent of the urban world
population – a number that is continuously rising – is already living in cities in low elevation coastal zones. Consequently,
these urban questions have become truly global ones by the fact that these areas are extremely vulnerable due to the impact
of climate change: rising sea levels, flooding, increasing risk of peak-discharges of rivers and other results of these
changes such as extreme draughts in its hinterlands, land subsidence and an excess of population.

Based on fundamental research in the key topics Economy, Disaster and Hinterland, the students developed their own
utopian future scenarios for the megalopolitan regions of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Lagos (Nigeria).
The Master Studio 'Scenarios On The Megalopolitan Future: The Recreated Utopia' at the Institute of Urbanism was directed
by Joost Meuwissen and Martin Zettel in the winter term of 2010/11.

Participants / Students:
Matej Banožić, Bettina Domenig, Patrick Ebner, Christoph Haidacher, Claudia Huber, Pia Hundhammer, Jasna Kuljuh,
Anja Leinich, Peter Mayrhofer, Nedzad Šabanović, Pacôme Soissons, Michaela Wallner, Henri Winter

Guest critics / Jury:
Eilfried Huth, Bernhard Luthringshausen, Michael Malderle, Hannes Mayer, Joost Meuwissen,
Martin Rapp, Stephan Schwarz, Evelyn Temmel, Martin Zettel


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