Documentary movie of portraits about former homeless, the city of Graz seen from the perspective of homelessness.
Dogma-realism of the new century by two young documentarists and architects from London and Graz.

AT 2009 | OmeU | 49'

with Gregor Weiss, Alois Schmidt, Elke Psenner, Michael Zöllner, Gabriele Plescher, Alojz Tekavec and Elisabeth Gruber

Camera: Moritz Wallmüller
Editing: Christin Veith
Sound: Herwig Rogler
Colour correction: Andi Winter
Post-Production: Christian Leiss Postproduction

Produced and directed by Hannes Mayer and Martin Zettel // 2009

Supported by Cinestyria Filmkunst and Stadt Graz Kultur

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